Resurrection Cares

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Resurrection Cares is the new name for the vigorous movement in our parish to firmly establish “Service to Others” as one of the cornerstones of our parish personality.  Following Christ’s command to love one another, we want to be known for helping each other and our community in

times of need.        

As you read the following, you will find dedicated people volunteering their time and talents in various caring ministries.  I am very proud of our work so far, but we need to accomplish so much more.  I encourage each of you to read about these opportunities to serve and volunteer in one or more areas that appeal to you.

Please join me in praying for the growth of Resurrection Cares and for our increased hands-on involvement in caring for others.

                                                                   May God bless you,

                                                                                    Fr. Tom Guido

Retirement Home Ministry

Each Tuesday, a dedicated group of parishioners visits nearby facilities for senior living, rehab, and long term care.  Mass or a communion service is the centerpiece of the visit, but music, laughter, and relationship building are very important parts of ministry, also.  If you would like to become a part of this very fulfilling ministry, please call Bevan Canale at 850-622-3225. 

Soup for the Soul

When members of our church community are ill or just home after hospitalization, a ministry called Soup for the Soul makes and delivers soup to people at a very crucial and needy time.  On the day a parishioner returns home from the hospital, one quart of soup per family member is delivered.  If you would like to volunteer for this ministry or if you are in a situation to receive soup please call the Parish Office 837-0357.


Lent Outreach/Operation Rice Bowl

Operation Rice Bowl is a traditional Lenten practice in our parish and others throughout the USA.  Its purpose is to instill in American Catholics an understanding and support for the programs of Catholic Relief Services, an organization of the U.S. Catholic Bishops to reach out to people in parts the world beyond our own community.

The weekend before Ash Wednesday volunteers distribute Rice Bowl packets after all Masses to parish members and visitors to take home and follow throughout Lent.  Each week the Rice Bowl Lenten Calendar features a country where CRS carries out interesting and innovative programs that assist the poor, in improving their conditions of life.  The themes of Learning, Prayers and Giving are emphasized throughout the season.  These themes can be linked to Religious Education, Stations of the Cross and other Lenten practices in our parish. 

This year over 500 Rice Bowl packets were distributed.  Forty seven were returned with contributions totaling $1,021.   This was in to the annual Catholic Relief Services special collection during the fourth weekend of Lent.

If you are interested in helping with the execution of Operation Rice Bowl during Lent, please email Mike Dwyre at


Food Collection and Distribution

For over 10 years the Men of Resurrection (MORE) have been collecting food for our local Catholic Charities food pantry. Grocery bags are passed out after all weekend Masses with a list of needed items. Our generous parishioners and visitors return the bags filled with food. The men delivered 1,022 bags to Catholic Charities last year. 

In 2013, MORE and Catholic Charities partnered to send a mobile food pantry to DeFuniak Springs, an area limited in food pantry resources.  The venture has been an astounding success.

If you would like to help MORE with this ministry, volunteer opportunities are as follows:

  • Passing out bags after Masses

  • Transporting filled bags from Resurrection to Catholic Charities in Fort Walton Beach

  • Monthly Distribution of food in DeFuniak Springs or Resurrection Parish, a 4-5 hour total time commitment


  To get involved, please call Michael Kratt at  850-424-3211 or email                                     


Advent Outreach/Children's Gift Drive

The Sunday before the start of Advent, tags are hung on a Giving Tree in the Gathering Space asking for gifts (toys, clothing, etc.) for needy children identified by our sister parish, St. Francis of Assisi, Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Society and others in our community.  Parishioners select tags, purchase the gifts requested, and return them to the trees.  Contributions also can be made to purchase bicycles.

Helpers are needed to tend to the tags and gifts at each Sunday Mass during Advent.  Two or three individuals oversee the sorting and safe storage of the gifts in the parish hall and the delivery of gifts and bikes.  Others are needed to wrap and deliver gifts to a few of the local families the week before Christmas.If you would like to help with this Advent project, please email Mike Dwyre at

Community Response

Community Response is a parish ministry that works with St. Vincent de Paul Society and other local charitable organizations to provide temporary relief for parishioners in difficult situations and other South Walton people in need.  Any deserving person or family who seeks help will be aided in some way, either solely by Resurrection resources/ministries and/or other organizations.  Below are a few examples of the wide scope of this ministry.

    •  Temporary help for the Homeless
      • Cooked meals delivered to sick, disabled, or grief stricken 


      • Yard and home cleanup for parishioners in unique need situations.


      Volunteer Opportunities

          >  Preparation/delivery of meals to parishioners.
          >  Part of team that cleans parishioner yards/homes 

      (The above situations do not occur frequently.  If you volunteer for one of the above areas, you will define your own availability and frequency of participation.  Also, there will be a pool of volunteers available for each project.)

      If you are interested in volunteering for any of these service opportunities, please call or text Sam Gibbons (678-294-5071) or email him at

      The Society of St Vincent de Paul

      Volunteer time investment is only 3-4 weeks per year.            

      Weekly responsibilities include:

      • Monitoring the toll free number for assistance requests

      • Phone screening the clients to determine eligibility

      • Driving with a partner to the client’s home to interview the client, assess the situation and potentially provide help.

       (An average week is 4-5 client calls.)

      If you are interested in becoming a St. Vincent de Paul volunteer,

      please call Doris Beam, email her at



      Sister Parish St. Francis of Assisi

       Blountstown, FL

      The objectives of our Sister Parish relationship are to help both parishes meet their spiritual, fellowship, educational and economic needs and to build an intercultural understanding of the global Church.

      Resurrection and St. Francis are in the very early stages of developing this relationship.  We have made some meaningful progress in the past year:

      • Held two well attended “meet & greet” picnics at St. Frances in July 2013 and August 2014.


      • St. Frances Youth attended the annual Antioch retreat with Resurrection youth.


      • The two parishes swapped Pastors for weekend Masses in mid-February, and Resurrection’s second collections for that weekend were given to St. Francis to help them handle extraordinary needs.


      • Volunteers from both parishes are helping a St. Francis family in need fix structural issues with their home.  We will need several volunteers in September or October to complete this project.


      • We will continue to look for ways to support St. Francis, possibly with clothing collection, coat and blanket drives, and school supply drives. Volunteers will be needed to collect and sort materials as well as drivers to transport the materials to Blountstown.


      As we continue to build this relationship; a key need is to develop a sister parish steering committee with members of both parishes. For more information on the Sister Parish or to volunteer in any way contact either Laurie Bell at or 850-217-5826 or Mike Beam at or 513-295-4073

      As part of Resurrection Cares we would like to express our gratitude


      Resurrection’s Senior High Youth Group.


      Over the past seven years they have continued to serve in Jesus name here in the parish-- cleaning the Church each December (scrubbing pews and, windows, plus reverently cleaning the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.) They facilitated 4 Vacation Bible Schools, helped Ms. Jean with Landscape, and thoroughly cleaned the Hall kitchen & more.

      In the Local Community they have volunteered at Catholic Charities, Harvest House, Habitat for Humanity, Children in Crisis, and leading children’s groups during the Bishop’s annual Diocesan Conference.

      Yearly in February, they send Valentines to local nursing homes.

      On their Mission to Belize, they painted Churches and facilitated Vacation Bible Schools. They built an addition to a home for a Mom and 4 children, doubling the size. They also built bunk beds, a kitchen table and more.

      Most of their mission work has involved helping people in need that are recommended to them by the pastors of local Catholic Churches. Two families were helped in Freeport. In Apalachicola they helped two families, repaired the convent, built a handicap wheelchair ramp and painted the Church on St. George Island.

      They continue to work with and for the Youth from

      our Sister Parish, St. Frances.

      They believe that service begins in the parish and then the community and the world. They are very grateful for the support and example our parish family.