Online Tuesday Morning Bible Study

“The Gospel of Mark”

Tuesdays: 10:00 AM CTS

Thought to be the earliest of the four Gospels, the Gospel of Mark is a fast-moving, vivid account of the ministry, suffering, and death of Jesus. Enter into a rich encounter with this preacher, wonder-worker, and messiah, whose very life delivered an urgent message about repentance, transformation, and the meaning of suffering in a life poured out for others. Part One covers Mark 1:1-9:32, providing an in-depth study of Jesus’ ministry of healing and preaching.

The online study meetings will use ZOOM video and audio conferencing. We will help you connect with Zoom if you wish. We will also send you the study guides through email. However, you will need to have a laptop or pc or mac, or tablet to participate in this Bible Study.

The web page to order this study is:

<<<The Gospel of Mark>>>

You can order either a paper copy or a digital copy.

It will be a good time to become reacquainted and to meet new participants. Come open your minds and hearts to God during this time of prayerful study.

If you are interested in joining this study, please send an email to Barbara Rezmer at or call at (850) 654-1046, indicating your desire to participate. Also, contact Barbara if you have any questions.

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