All Resurrection parishioners have a free subscription to FORMED!
You will be able to discover all the best Catholic content in one place.  Entertaining movies, enlightening programs, inspiring talks, and a great selection of popular eBooks –  all just a click away! FORMED can be accessed through your PC, laptop, or by downloading the mobile app, on your phone.


FORMED is an online forum of Catholic thought, teachings, and entertainment presented by renowned speakers and thinkers. Throughout the liturgical year, there will be recommendations for Saint Luke parishioners and opportunities to bring FORMED into a lively and interactive setting.


  • 300+ episodes of video-based study programs
  • 35+ feature films and movies
  • 45+ audio presentations
  • 25+ eBooks
  • Available in English and Spanish! Available 24/7


To access FORMED on a PC or Mac, type into your browser and follow the prompts to set up your personal account.

To access FORMED on a tablet or cell phone, go to your Google PlayStore or iTunes Store and search for FORMED (all capitals) and download the app.

Please contact us with questions, thoughts, and comments about our new FORMED program.