Religious Education

2022 Sacrament Schedule

Religious Education – Pre K thru Middle School

Sacrament Preparation

    Registration is in the Church Gathering Area or you may register in the Parish Office.

    Classes meet on Sunday at 9:15 AM. Parents are encouraged to attend. 



      Requirements (60 days prior Baptism Sacrament)

      1. Schedule Baptismal Prep Session with our Faith Formation Director (call Parish Office to schedule).
      2. Be and maintain good standing with the Church.
      3. Current letters from godparents of “good standing” with their home parish.
      4. Copy of Birth Certificate.
      We look forward to welcoming your newest blessing and please do not hesitate to contact our Faith Formation Director if you have any questions at

      The primary purpose of Our Religious Education Program is faith formation. Faith formation is an ongoing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Our Religious Education Program is a School of Discipleship that strives to provide a solid foundation in our faith — age-appropriate to the students in our program. Students are encouraged to begin formal religion classes in the PREK4 GRADE of Public or Private (non-Catholic) Schools.

      Another purpose of our Religious Education Program is sacramental preparation. The celebration of the sacraments will take place within the parish celebration.


      Baptism welcomes us into the Church and immerses us into the Christian life. It marks out spiritual rebirth as daughters and sons of God.

      The procedure for Baptism preparation at Resurrection Church includes an interview and a class. This preparation must be completed by the adult preparing for baptism or the parents of an infant child before the Sacrament may be administered.

      Children six years of age and younger are considered infants. Please consult the information on Infant Baptism (click here). Children who are five years of age and older must attend our parish RCIA for children formation.

       FIRST RECONCILIATION (Confession)

      The Sacrament of Reconciliation sometimes referred to as “confession” celebrates God’s mercy and helps us to experience divine forgiveness. It enables us to return to spiritual health in the family of God, to forgive ourselves, and to become reconciled with others.

      The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on most Saturdays at 4:00 pm in the Church. Other occasions can be arranged by contacting a priest. Communal Penance Services are scheduled at various times throughout the year.

      Children are prepared to celebrate this Sacrament around second grade, before their First Communion, through the Religious Education sessions and one family prep session.


      Communion celebrates our life together as a community. It is the central act of worship for Catholics. In the Eucharist, Christ is most profoundly present in the Church, which gathers to hear the Word of God and to share the nourishment of Christ’s Body with one another. Eucharist is celebrated at all mass times. Eucharist is also celebrated at daily mass.

      The celebration of First Communion is traditionally celebrated in the Spring of second grade. Formal instruction in the faith is recommended for both children and parents.


      “By the sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptized] are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” (CCC, 1285)

      Faith formation classes are required to receive Confirmation. The purpose of these classes is to enrich the person to be confirmed in order that he or she may have a good grasp of the Catholic faith and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.

      Confirmation Classes begin in middle school and are completed in high school.

      Adults age 18 years & older who have not received sacraments are invited to inquire about sacramental preparation for Adults (RCIA).


      Parents are asked to please speak with Dorothy Imperial concerning any special needs which your child might have – medical, educational or social. Persons with developmental disabilities may celebrate the sacraments with catechesis and preparation adapted to their unique needs.

      Parish Sacrament Guidelines

      Sacrament Guidelines

      The following guidelines have been established according to diocesan requirements
      and apply to all sacraments.

      1. Parents/guardians are to be registered members in their parish.
      2. Students must be 5 years of age or older (2nd Grade) and be baptized in the Catholic tradition.
      3. Students must be enrolled in and regularly attend Children’s Faith Formation or Youth Ministry.
      4. Students must have actively participated in Faith Formation/Youth Ministry classes at Resurrection or another parish for ONE FULL YEAR prior to registering for sacrament formation.
      5. Any student transferring from another parish must provide documentation showing that they meet these requirements.
      6. All students are expected to regularly attend Faith Formation/Youth Ministry classes. After two unexcused class absences, contact will be made regarding your child’s attendance. Further absences will affect continued sacrament preparation.
      7. Students and parents/guardians, and Confirmation sponsors, if possible, ARE REQUIRED to attend scheduled sacrament preparation sessions and complete the monthly family faith assignments.
      8. A copy of the candidate’s baptismal certificate must be provided when registering for sacrament formation.
      9. Students who are developmentally challenged or who have learning disabilities are also welcome in the formation process. Particular care and understanding of their needs and situation are important to our pastoral staff. Parents/guardians are advised to meet with the Faith Formation Office to discuss how these children can participate in the sacramental and faith life of our church community.
      10. If there are any custodial issues which will affect you or your child’s Faith Formation or sacramental session attendance, that information must be recorded and on file with the Faith Formation Office.
      11. Attendance at the Parent Session for Reconciliation, First Communion and/or Confirmation is MANDATORY.
      12. Regular mass attendance is also expected of your child, as part of their continuing faith journey, and as an enhancement to their Faith Formation/Youth Ministry classes.
      13. Parents/guardians are to discern the readiness of their child to receive First Reconciliation, participate in the Communion Rite and/or celebrate Confirmation. If it is deemed that a child is not ready to receive the sacrament, the parents/guardians are advised to contact the Faith Formation Office to discern whether the child should wait or if alternative ways can be found to assist the parents/guardians in bringing the child to readiness.
      14. There are separate materials and preparation expense per child per sacrament. This is in addition to the regular registration fee for Faith Formation classes. If payment is a difficulty, please contact the Faith Formation Office. Inability to pay should never be a reason to miss preparing for the sacraments.