“Lead, Kindly Light,…Lead Thou Me On!” –  John Henry Newman

The Mission Homilies will be preached in the Presence of a Eucharistic Holy Hour and in celebration of God’s Holy Word in the Hope, Joy, and Grace of our Catholic Faith.

In this Mission, we will have excerpts from a number of Saints, Popes, Priests, and Men and Women Teachers of our Faith.  The focus will be the past 200 years of Catholic history, from Pope Gregory XVI to the present day and the Great Saints, Teachers, and Scholars who have graciously formed us, as we journey deeper into the future of Catholic Christianity. We have no other option but to challenge the Modern World… and ourselves to Conversion.  We are living in a context of a broken, hurt, sick, and sinful world, which desperately needs God and His Mercy…or there is scarce hope for the future.

The major focus for this Mission is our new Saint, John Henry Newman and his influence and brilliance and holiness on the present and future life of our Church.  Come and join us.  God is Love.  In His Love, we are Sons and Daughters of God.  Jesus is Lord.

Reverend Monsignor C. Slade Crawford